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Colgate Printable Coupons November 2014

Colgate Coupons November 2014

Colgate Printable Coupons November 2014 is a product line of oral hygiene toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash and dental floss.

Duraphat is a professional strength paste intended for the treatment and prevention of dental caries. Toothpaste is ideal for the management of high-risk patients such as those who are rampant, coronal early, existing or recurrent or root caries. The main constituents are sodium fluoride and is sometimes prescribed as part of a program of fluoride therapy. It is available as a prescription-only product.

Colgate Total
Colgate Total contains triclosan anti-microbial material, which reduces the bacteria that cause gingivitis, cavities and halitosis.

Colgate Cavity Protection
Although most Colgate toothpaste brands use sodium fluoride, the Colgate cavity protection instead various Monofluorophosphate sodium as an active ingredient.

Colgate Simply White
A whitening toothpaste that 'clinically-proven to whiten in 14 days'.
Its bleaching agent hydrogen peroxide, which gradually whitening teeth.
Simply White uses two separate spaces containing whitening gel and cleaning agents.

My First Colgate Toothpaste
A new product launched by Colgate in 2012. This product does not contain fluoride, at lower concentrations that pose less of a danger to children. Product was recently awarded the Best New Product Award for 'Best toothpaste' and 'Best in Show'.

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Colgate Printable Coupons 2014

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